It’s tough when you start a new job as Product Manager. Within days your agenda starts to fill up, a tsunami of messages and everybody looks at you as if you know everything. How can you as a Product Manager have a better start? What can you do to be successful when you start a new journey? We will take a page from Sun Tzu and see how we can come up with a battleplan for your first 30 days, so that you have not only a great start but also better result.

Key takeaway it to align on:

  • People
  • Criteria for Success
  • How things are done
  • What data we have
  • The Why of the Product

From coding real time operating systems to running 9 teams in a multi-million product development, from garage startups to global giants like TomTom and Saab, from utter failure to CES award winning products. Chris has a huge experience base to draw from when it comes to agile product management.

He is on a mission to learn people how they can create products in such a way that they can never imagine going back. In his latest book he looks at how the ways of the Samurai can make us better Product Owners.


Chris Lukassen